Protecting yourself at all times.

We must use the sporting analogy yet again as the title aptly reflects the situations many face in the workplace every day.

Professional boxing is a tough and dangerous sport. However, the combatants are prepared and are cautioned at the outset of the contest before the bell rings “protect yourself at all times”.

Despite requirements safe work method statements, such as “ensure fall protection”, we see many arbitrary decisions made an employee concerned to work in the manner that contradicts the former.

The analogy at the outset that an employee took an action that clearly put his welfare at risk.

A boxer properly trained would not risk his welfare.

Education is the solution to this situation whereby an employee makes a decision contrary to the policy and procedures covering his scope of workplace activities. Not only should the employee acknowledge his/her understanding of the procedures concerned but also sign off on completion.

With an app, this is easily achieved protecting all concerned as any departure from the procedures will be clearly evident.


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