Encouraging compliance within organisations

The possibility of being the subject of an individual personal liability claim in a workplace matter is a scary prospect for any manager, team leader or HR professional.

However, the issue can also be a driving force for compliance across an organisation to ensure policies and procedures are updated and implemented as the situation demands.

The Fair Work Ombudsman Ms Natalie James recently stated she is prepared to join individuals in matters and wants to see HR managers and other leaders to be the influencers in their organisations by demonstrating and encouraging compliance

What does this mean? Be aware at all levels of management of the workplace laws and the industrial instruments that apply to your workforce.

Know what the laws are, know what you can and can’t do and encourage compliance. In doing this you will greatly minimise your practical risk of being named.

Procedure Rock will provide the agility your management system requires to meet the challenges of everyday compliance and will eliminate the risk of arbitrary decisions being taken by managers without referring to policy and procedures in their due process.

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