Executives…who are they?

The common answer or image this question would present in many people’s mind could be the suited-up individual with a title, CEO or those in the highest positions of an organisation.

In the modern workplace, knowledge which is utilised by an employee which contributes to the capacity of an organisation to deliver its product or services is surely an executive in the exact meaning of the word.

The employee executes tasks based on his knowledge and information which provides effective management of the organisations objectives.

Command and Control are no longer as relevant to workplace culture in the western world. The employees making decisions based on their knowledge and within the framework of the organisations Policies and Procedures are executives, if their contribution materially affects the capacity of the organisation to perform and to obtain results.

Procedure Rock is the integrated, agile management system for a modern workplace as acknowledgement of procedures provides certainty in outcomes, and the ability is there to execute common themes as a group and the entire entity concerned.

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