Effective management.

For the last hundred years, an evolving masters and servants style of relationship in the workplace has been most common.

Modern society however is different, it is a large organisation of institutions and the question posed here is “What is the effectiveness of the old-style relationship?”

How did we get here? It was no accident.

The old systems of manual work have changed and with that change the system has produced the knowledge worker.

This worker is the most able asset to an organisation as he/she provides the capacity of an organisation to perform and gain results.

However, all this inherent knowledge and capacity mean little if it is not translated into effective management.

Effective management is the development of policies and procedures that bring to life the strategic objectives of the organisation, be that improved service delivery or increased sales figures etc.

The policy should be ensuring the implementation of procedures through the acknowledgement feature of Procedure Rock, in turn satisfying all members of the management team that due process aimed at total efficiency is being achieved.

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