A question of trust.

Business founders and owners generally do everything themselves at the beginning, or put another way, they have complete control over Issues such as office location, decor, marketing, pricing and more. It falls entirely within their control.

However, as the business grows, founders and owners must cede control over a number of decisions and trust their team to act in their best interests.

This needs to happen because the owner needs to make less day to day decisions to spend valuable time thinking strategically. Besides, it is also impossible to be scanning across every detail, considering people’s views and make every decision effectively.

The “coal face” is the best-informed segment of business operations to make decisions within the policy settings and the procedures underpinning this.

The policy settings should be a result of Q & A sessions which act as a catalyst, dissolving any barriers to creative thinking. In turn, this leads to a pursuit of solutions reflected in the policy settings, aligned with the company core values and strategy.

In other words, asking questions provides insight. When you apply an ability to version this and automate it, you further enhance the positive results.

Procedure Rock is the ideal system for all aspects of this approach, allowing records of all elements of policy and procedure settings and creating a digital history.

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