Un-learning old habits.

When beginning the sales program for Procedure Rock initially, the software faced questions over adaptability because of habitual and recurring behaviours. These can be summed up with examples like” We have always done it this way “or “It will take me a long time to adjust.”

In these circumstances, Procedure Rock advises that it is okay to feel uncomfortable when you are starting to think differently. The first thing to do is acknowledge what has worked in the past may not be the best approach for today’s situation. Unfortunately, people default to the same approach to solve a problem, despite new ways of thinking in the digital age. Leadership and teamwork have changed so people need to flex towards new approaches and be open-minded.

Command and control are no longer a valid approach to achieving corporate outcomes. In the modern world, roles in a team are defined around the work, not the people. A team now organises the work and they make the decisions, not an over-eager manager.

What this change does is create a level playing field where everyone is bound by the same rules, clearly identifiable and acknowledged through Procedure Rock.

This invigorating approach allows people to let go of “old ways” and adapt to the digital age.

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