Combining data with decision making.


Data and what to do with it? Ultimately, that will depend on your knowledge of your objective, strategy to reach that goal and the risk factor.

 Users of Procedure Rock can look at data outputs such as:


Input- Is there sufficient or desired input to the flow of policies and procedures?

GPS- Are there roaming policies or procedures created?

Data is often used to understand the human behaviour element in the hope of influencing that behaviour. However, the real issue here is that the human behaviour element in business is the province of the customers, employees and public.

The collective mentality of these groups influences the fortunes of business in this digital age. Look at the issue of reputational damage when bad publicity now hits the airwaves. Policies and Procedures that are implemented and acknowledged are the key to ensuring the organisations objectives are reached. Data is recorded and utilised when the leaders have analysed such and decisions are made considering the data, the lessons it teaches and not because of the information concerned.

Procedure Rock is the system that provides the agility for this progressive management approach.

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