Data and creativity in management.

Creativity and decision making in the light of relevant data is so important in the digital age. In a previous post the blog referred to behavioural influence. What does that mean in practice people may well ask?

An excellent example is the insurance sector where the risk to the business comes because of customers/drivers making claims. In turn, the Companies concerned charge higher premiums to the drivers who pose the greatest risk. Does this Tit for Tat approach change these driver’s behaviour?

If the companies used the data they collect digitally to provide feedback to drivers and potentially improve their behaviour, it would be a positive move that in fact would demonstrate a caring culture.

Further the reputation of the insurance sector would improve dramatically. Compare this to the issue of workplace safety where an incident occurs and is the subject of an effective investigation. Once the facts are known safe working methods are amended where necessary and the employee/s concerned are counselled and learn from the experience. As a result, the corporate profile is elevated and the corporate culture improves to the extent of continuous improvement.

 As always Procedure Rock takes front row and centre in being able to deliver these outcomes because of its agility and versatility.

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