The evolution of Corporate Culture.

The digital age has thrown up many challenges to HR professionals and none are greater than how to “Connect – Recruit – Retain.”

It can be said that this has always been the case and to an extent that is true. However, the way talented people examine their options for employment opportunities has changed.

Enhancing the organisations reputation and workplace culture has never been so important as it is in this period of digital evolution. HR and PR need to combine to attract the best candidates with a purpose driven message highlighting what steps have been implemented to continuously improve the values and processes within the organisation. In turn once in the process of recruitment, the prospective employee will look at the internal culture of the organisation and the steps taken to be inclusive and collaborative.

If the structure allows for recognition of individual merit as well as offering potential roles for advancement there is every possibility of retaining a valued recruit.

Procedure Rock is the vehicle whereby this approach is implemented in an agile, comprehensive approach with all advanced aspects of the digital age.

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