Corporate Culture.


The analogue of sports coaching and its adaptation to company culture is not a new analogy, but very effective. Why? 

 The team culture of successful sporting clubs continually offers insights into how business leaders can more effectively build internal systems and procedures that support the corporate policy direction. In turn productivity and profitability increase.

Culture is a social construct reflecting the shared beliefs and attitudes of all within the structure. The common view is that culture is about rewards and disciplines mixed with titles and salary. Culture must tap into a higher need level than simple rule keeping and financial reward, as important as they are. Workplace esteem needs to be a major objective for corporate culture in that all employees can feel a sense of connection and meaning as part of the group, engaged in company growth and happy in their work environment.

Ensuing benefits are:

Employee retention rates: Low levels of absentees/Improved product-  quality.

A positive corporate culture ensures employees remain present and committed to quality through their own personal and professional investment.

Be positive in culture through Policies and Procedures backed by software with acknowledgement and recognition functions!

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