Management styles vs substance.



The subject title is characterised by decision making in circumstances with limited information and uncertainty over the outcome.

You may ask yourself how can such a conclusion be drawn from afar?

Well experience tells us, along with the vast information available on the internet, there are various legal jurisdictions that clearly demonstrate the lack of nous in decision making.

This occurs because of organisations not doing the work required to provide policies and procedures that ensure effective management on an hourly basis.

Hourly? Yes, as every corporate activity requires a disciplined approach and such cannot be achieved in a piecemeal approachable “I will check it later “or “They know what to do” and a very popular one “They are paid to know what to do”.

These examples of attitudes expressed daily in workplaces are very common.

Policies and Procedures, implemented and acknowledged through Procedure Rock, will ensure the outcomes required by organisations and most importantly will identify those people who do not want to manage effectively. The problem lies at the heart of management in many cases. This is a fact that needs to be considered when fixing such issues.

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