Return on Investment (ROI)

Procedure Rock is a Compliance system which ensures avoidance of risk in Public and Professional liability cases, and offers a complete management system for business both small and large.

Improve your business operations today with Procedure Rock!


  1. Automation- Reduce time and monetary expenses. The combined costs are surprisingly large.
  2. Document access- Cut time searching for current and misplaced files. A mid size organisation can save thousands.
  3. Reduced resource usage- Reduced charges and cost for printing, copying, manual distribution and physical storage spaces.  The potential to save thousands here even for small business.
  4. Reduction in internal corrective actions
  5. Increases in productivity- Overall effectiveness and results are boosted.
  6. Reduction of risk and exposure- Fines fees and sanctions can be avoided or eliminated with the ability to provide compliance systems.

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