4 ways writing software can help you improve?

Writing Software

It is usually experienced that most of the creative people lack the skills of writing. There are genius minds which have immensely amazing ideas, concepts and incredible adventure locked out there, but they have no idea how to express it in words or communicate everything that they have in mind clearly. Scientifically, the creative thinking part and the part of the brain which is used to craft sentences are different. The irony is, if you present an extremely outstanding idea with a reader in clumsy and error-filled writing, it would be difficult for the reader to digest and appreciate it. Presentation is as important as the idea. Technology arrives as a savior in this case. There is different writing software available online which can help you improve your writing skills. This software does not only correct the grammar but also helps you to make your writing look even more professional.

Simplify your sentences

When you write a sentence, you use different glue words such as at, as, is, etc which actually holds your sentence together, but when you use these words more than a given percentage, it makes your sentence look sticky. It is said that there should be only 40% of glue words in the entire writing and even less than that. You should make sure that whatever you write is not sticky and the writing software helps you with that. It analyses the percentage of the glue words and corrects the writing by reducing it automatically or giving a heads up or alert to you.

Adds strong verbs by replacing the adverbsĀ 

When you write a blog or any other piece, you often spend a lot of time on finding the right words, especially when it comes to adverbs. This reduces the momentum of your writing and you end up using the very first adverb that strikes to your mind, be it weak or strong. Writing software can help you replace the adverbs with strong verbs and actions while you do the first edit of your draft to make it a strong piece of writing.

Helps you Minimizing the use of pronouns

Writing Software Analyses

It is observed that when you write inflow, you usually begin your sentence with a pronoun. And when you keep repeating the same thing, it makes your writing very boring for your reader. Not more than 30% of your sentences should start with the pronoun. The writing software analyses your pronoun percentage and notifies you to recraft the sentences starting with pronouns. It also makes sure that the structure of all your sentences is not the same, as it reduces the quality of writing.

Avoids Passive Voice

Use of passive voice in a piece of writing can be very irritating for the reader. Most of the published writers never write in a passive voice. It is not always grammatically incorrect, but it definitely sounds very weird! Hence it is always recommended to write in an active voice. Writing software provides you alert if there is too much use of passive voice in your writing and helps you to achieve quality writing which attracts the reader.

Certainly, writing software has come up as a boon. If you are a stubborn writer, then you must give it a try.

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