Policy, procedures and clarity.


Trust in the workplace is such an essential element to success, for the individual employee and for management. Trust is achieved by the understanding of policies and procedures in the workplace.

Workplace policies cannot be vague as they are effectively the law of the workplace.

Policy cannot be too prescriptive or vague as this only makes things much less clear than it needs to be.

Now the tone is established for this blog, what conclusions can be drawn?

Firstly, policy needs to be clear and succinct. A good example of bad policy is the issue of Dress. An employee faced with a prescription of various manners of dress is hesitant when deciding for obvious reasons. The main being a lack of clarity! Apart from an OHS prescribed clothing issue (Factory, Construction Site etc.)

After all, modern office / administrative workplaces are more about autonomy, doing things your own way within the confines of Policies and Procedures.

This approach has a very clear and practical benefit to investing in effective relationship building.

Employees will value the trust placed in their contributions in everything from choice of dress to suggestions in improvements in work practices.

Procedure Rock provides an agile management system, required for this approach as records of individual employee contributions plus updates and amendments to existing policy and procedures are managed and shared.

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