Digital policies and procedures.

The reality of the digital age is that Companies need to examine traditional HR functions. Risks and dangers, protecting the company from your employees and protecting employees from the company are the usual functions of HR. The business environment is now more understanding of the benefits that lie within good HR practise as it is no longer a new and exclusive term.

In an age where all members of a team are equipped with the necessary information, there is no reason why team leaders cannot perform the day to day functions of HR. 

This can include recruitment and understanding contract requirements to ensure best practice. After all, building the best team is a team leaders first responsibility.
HR can monitor and improve the workplace culture without taking on a line managers responsibility. 

To achieve this outcome everybody needs to be connected through an integrated management system encompassing all Company Policies and Procedures. This allows for growth as a company or business, and along with good operational practises, may allow for future roles in HR positions full-time in the company.

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