How can you improve typecasting at work?

Every day in the workplace this issue arises. We have included a recent example in the blog below.

The Myer stores incident is symptomatic of the attitude that prevails towards employees and customers by the management of major, medium and small businesses. Put simply it can be a similar attitude to racial vilification like “You have been a problem all along in the community and we gave you a chance but you are not up to it.”

These enlightened ideas or prejudices rely on slogans and have no regard for the fact that people entering and participating as customers in a store for example, are what businesses require.

A famous comedy has a line that follows “This would be a great business if not for the guests I have to deal with“. While accepting it is comedy, this attitude and behaviour can be seen in many business environments.

Getting back to the recent example supplied here, a simple protocol in their policies and procedures would have avoided what has become another damaging blow to the icon of retail in Melbourne. Why?

It is accepted that some issues will occur between customers and staff management. But basic treatment and proper adherence to good customer service is something that should stand strong in any company that has a proper tool for induction of employees, and constant auditing of employees behaviour through acknowledgement tools that ensure they are receiving good training, and it also provides a form of maintenance checking.

Thanks to 9news.

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