Listening versus Hearing.

“The attention of the listener serves as accompaniment in the music of speech.”                 Joseph Joubert

In the workplace, the ability to listen as distinct from hearing is often confused. Much like asking a friend to listen to a piece of music you really like, and they hear it and state “it’s not what I like”. Listening requires understanding of the elements involved in the piece of music concerned, whereas hearing usually creates reactions based on existing prejudices or indifference.

This is often the case when management of a workplace are investigating issues or even when consulting the workforce.

            It is imperative to listen, not hear and react.

Listen and consider all factors relating to the speaker. Why? As stated, the aim or goal is to improve communication, and it is proven in the workforce that if you can communicate well with employees, staff, supervisors and colleagues, results show through in the output of work, the achievements by all, and the overall flow of the team environment. New ideas can be generated through this smooth flow, and the etiquette at work can also improve.

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