Proper Policies and Procedures.

Two cases in the month of January 2018 highlight the need for properly articulated Policies and Procedures.


While there are many examples of cases in this regard, these two have been selected as the penalties against the employer were not significant in financial terms.

However, the time involved and distraction from managing the business are significant issues as is the potential impact on the workplace culture as a result.

Both cases (Patterson v Re Engage Youth Services and Howe v Bethell) demonstrate a lack of procedural discipline as well as poorly constructed Company Policy.

The lesson to all businesses and their operations is to get Policies and Procedures right, and ensure these are acknowledged in the Induction of all employees. Also, where procedures are implemented each step must be acknowledged.

In this manner, you will find your organisation absent from the constant queues lining up at the Fair Work Commission or other legal jurisdictions. Why? Because you got it right!


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