Analytical skills within HR and employees.

Analytic skills improve workplace performance; however its importance varies depending on the role occupied by the manager concerned.

Human Resource management benefits greatly from practitioners who have this skill because they can then make strategic assessments based on the available data, enabling greater influence in change projects. This skill would contribute greatly to better decision making and building stronger business cases. Furthermore, this knowledge can generate new insights that other professionals might not see.

Communication and coordination will improve with this scenario.

Data must be relevant and once identified, stored for action as required. Procedure Rock provides for all data collection, storage and acknowledgement when relevant to Policies and Procedures. It segregates access to a hierarchy structure, allowing up to 40 users per membership with a role type access. Admin down to view case roles allow for the team to divide based on the job title and needs of the employees, but still interact.

Importantly, the data concerned is subject to the team leader’s discretion, but will be available to all in the team to further their analytical skills. This form of breeding the best analytical information is secured within the HRIS software and passed down with Procedure Rock.

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