Gig work and employees.

Human Resource management already has a focus on the daily OHS operations as it’s part of the environment to manage. But the advent of “Gig work” or part time work to supplement the major source of income for any employee increases the intensity of the issue. It draws attention to the need to address the topic within the HR team. Uber, airtasker, freelancer, airb’n’b the list goes on.

Fatigue management is already a key factor in monitoring an employee’s well-being, and where the employee takes on part time work in addition to the full-time position already occupied, Health and Safety becomes compromised. Should the policy or contract surrounding this activity show clear instructions and expectations?

Employers should ensure the contract of employment stipulates the expectation of exclusiveness of service to the entity.

They shall also have a policy that defines this gig work and version it accordingly as the gig market progresses.

Where the employee seeks to supplement their income by part time work for another employer, the contract should require the employee to advise his full-time employer accordingly. The digital system must also record this contact and acknowledge it.

Only then can an employer ensure the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety legislation (Duty of Care), and record it, which is highly desirable.

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