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The latest greatest news from Procedure Rock development team.

We have been listening to our customers suggestions and feedback this year closely, and have given the team instructions to implement this feedback into Procedure Rock.

Where do we start in this busy newsletter? First of all, we developed the apps for both IOS and Google Play. This was to meet the growing demands of HR and HRIS Software to be portable. To move it away from the desk limitations and have roaming GPS functions. (see this article on our blog also)…

HR Platforms and ROI (return on Investment).

GPS? Yes! By next week we will have implemented a function which coincides with the timestamp function on all documents. What does this mean? It means with the app, you can automatically record the place you developed a set policy or procedure, and it will be placed in your layout at the top of the page, even once exported to PDF and word, even HTML.

Not only good for roaming, this will allow desktop locations to be recorded and functionality in the larger offices.

Get on board with Procedure Rock and grow your business as we grow. The new blog established will give you relevant and comprehensive ideas for the workplace, and give you the mindset required to compete against businesses on top of their HR game plan.

Stay tuned….

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