Toxic employees are costly to businesses.

Bad behaviour is all too common in the modern Australian workplace.

Bullying, sexual harassment and racism. There are many examples. Bad behaviour in a workplace affects morale, job satisfaction and physical and mental well-being. Toxic employees cause unspecified damage to the company bottom line due to the depression, psychological distress and emotional exhaustion endured by victims of bad behaviour in the workplace.

In turn, the lost opportunities to the employer includes loss of talented employees (departing because of negative workplace climate) lost customers and decreased legitimacy among the external stakeholders.

How to counter the toxic employee? Firstly, encourage concerns to be raised promptly and without fear of retribution. Such is best achieved through a dedicated line of communication with an acknowledgement factor. As many Social Media campaigns and movements have shown often, a person in authority is a bully or guilty of sexual harassment. Again, the ability to communicate to HR with the security of a dedicated line of communication is of extreme importance.

At the end of the day all employees from top to bottom in the line of authority can learn to be “up-standers”and not bystanders as the victims of toxic behaviour often are the least empowered to act.

Procedure Rock provides the agility and security in a management system which enables workplace dynamics to be managed effectively with acknowledgement being a key factor as well as a record of events.

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