There is a lot of material available regarding robotics in the workplace and the effect it will have on what can be classified as menial work.


AI is already developed to the point whereby it can update payroll systems, copy data from one system to another and approve basic claims for insurance as one example.

However, if your current position involves a substantial amount of human interaction and judgement, then AI is not going to threaten your position for the next decade at least.

It may be asked how that prediction is accurate in such a scenario?

Well, firstly most Australian businesses are still in the early stages of AI and robotic employment. They are focused on the elimination of human involvement at the simpler end of the spectrum.

The reality is machine learning technologies are much less mature for complex human tasks. By complex, meaning face to face influencing or sophisticated decision making.

Sales and sophisticated advisory tasks are not going to be replaced by a digital assistant any time soon.

A good example is a sales team. Many of the tasks performed cannot be appropriately automated, such as developing a different sales strategy, providing performance feedback or taking a big client to lunch.

However, this does not mean complacency is due. Policies and procedures are ever more important requiring updates and monitoring results of implementation. This is best achieved through acknowledgement by everyone involved.

Procedure Rock is the standout system to face the challenges in the future through facets of recording, storing, acknowledging and enhancing your business.

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