In Australia, Human Resource(HR) management, incorporating Industrial Relations and Occupational Health and Safety among other aspects is an increasingly litigious arena for business. Coupled with other Risks a total management approach is required.

Procedure Rock is a total management system ensuring these areas of potential conflict along with All other administration matters within the business operations, will be managed through a reliable Cloud based technology.

Procedure Rock is what is known as a Software Service in today’s Cloud Technology or SAAS.
The difference between web page access and SAAS lies in the functionality and ability to interact with the page.

Procedure Rock maintains its access and functions through AWS, Amazon s Cloud storage center. This service is one of the largest suppliers of Cloud services in the world.

Let s examine several of the functions as follows:

Rich content support – The ability to add HTML pictures and upload files directly to your account.

Procedure Templates – There are pre made templates in the site which can be edited to reflect the situation pertaining to the Policy or Procedure concerned. Such issues can range from the administration of credit cards to opening a workplace in the morning.

Acknowledgement – This is a key function of this site as once a Policy is determined such can be transmitted immediately to any email address or account user with an acknowledgement request. Once the Policy is received and opened, a “Tick “request or Reply is immediately available. Once acknowledged, the Policy is automatically timestamped and returned as read.
Where there are compliance issues pursuant to Legislation, Rules and Regulations pertinent to the operations of the business, this feature is especially important in terms of the ongoing viability of the business.

Versioning Control – All Policies and Procedures require updates in line with legislative changes and Procedure Rock meets the requirements with versioning when updating and storing the files concerned.

Step by Step – The Policy creation is in a step format ensuring an easy path forward and the ability to interact.


Public html addressing – If the Company does not wish to add a user or would rather send a sample creation to anyone, the Company can simply click the “Make Public “link on the target policy.
This action will immediately generate a HTML link with the Policy displayed in full for the viewer/s.
This feature is an excellent method of reducing email creation and attachment processes which often don’t display or end up in spam.

Gerald Fanning Consulting Services Pty Ltd Integration – User accounts will be allowed access to policies and procedures designed and developed by the Company with 30 years of experience in the Private and Public sector.

The benefits of integrating old style Policy development with this management system is very clear. Paperwork is almost completely eliminated and 24/7 access to any user is available. The ability to categorise and version control your Company’s Policies and Procedures provides the Company and all involved a transparent view of the actions taken by the Company to ensure compliance with all relevant Legislation, Rules and Regulations in terms of the Company’s business operations.
Remember. If a Policy is not complete or an acknowledgement has not been sent, you will receive an email requiring Log in and Completion.

When developing Policies and Procedures, Consultation is paramount. The Group collaboration approach as per the Consultation Policy available to users is essential to the elimination of risk, listening to different views and opinions, detection of problems and ensuring employee input to Policy development. The group collaboration function utilizing the Consultative process within the Procedure Rock system allows for a complete and thorough process through sharing between users and acknowledgement. Once the process is complete and all parties have acknowledged the Policy, the policy is then saved as complete.

The future of IT communication has been met by Cloud services. IT systems are now entirely presented through high speed cables, using virtualization machines.
Procedure Rock provides an integrated software that utilises all functions of modern computers, such as email, word processors, Microsoft Word, HTML services and tablets and devices.

Join Procedure Rock today.

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