Customer satisfaction.

Many businesses are now facing the power of social media when disgruntled customers decide to use the medium to damage the brand.

This trend is not necessarily vindictive but can be an ugly occurrence when demanding refunds from the business. The refund issue can occur face to face but is especially prevalent in on line retailing and or service delivery. Increasingly customers are threatening action through Fair Trading. This can be intimidating, given if they find in the customers favour, a warning may be issued against your business. The surrounding publicity and social media activity can destroy the business concerned. In many cases Fair Trading mediate and recommend refunds.

In order to mitigate this issue what can you do to defend yourself and your reputation in the business world?

Policies and Procedures are the key!

Backed by comprehensive Terms and Conditions inclusive of acknowledgement by all employees, the Terms and Conditions should outline a dispute resolution template that address the customers concerns without compromising your business. If the dispute is not resolved the customer may still seek redress elsewhere but you will be confident you have done everything possible within the law to protect your business reputation and satisfy a customer’s concern.

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