Bullying and harassment.

The issue of Bullying and Harassment has never been as large an issue for corporate Australia as it has in recent times. The publicity about Hollywood recently has everyone talking about the celebrity world, while our day to day workplaces are also experience these issues, but do not capture attention.

There is a tendency in the workplace to state ” harden up ” and “it’s just the dynamics in this place. “

The Fair Work Act, since 2014, contained clear provisions for Bullying and Harassment and has the power to issue preventative orders on application by an aggrieved party or a group of employees. Policies and Procedures can and do exist in relation to these matters in a lot of workplaces, however they generally sit in a box out of sight and most employees would not be aware of their existence. Compliance is also the key to avoidance of this issue in the workplace.

Most workplaces tend to be hierarchal if not in structure then by levels of responsibility and/or authority.

The ability to be kind to each other is what is missing in dysfunctional workplaces.

Kindness should be emphasised and inherent in Company Policies and Procedures and acknowledged by all employees at every level in the organisation. What do we mean by kindness? Put simply, it incorporates these basics;

  • Be approachable in all matters
  • Co-operate where necessary
  • Use proper language in the workplace
  • Respect all staff and employees, regardless of your position within

The flow on effect of following these policies are less aggressive employees and managers, a more professional look, less damaging claims against the company and therefore a strong reputation.


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