Procedural errors in business.

Procedural errors within business operations.

The Fair Work Commission ruled recently on a case involving the dismissal of an employee and found in favour of her claim for unfair dismissal. They highlighted the fact their was substantive and procedural errors particularly because they had a dedicated HR Officer. The employer was advised to revisit their employee management practises to ensure proper decision making in regards to annual leave applications.

We refer to this case as marks a deficiency that exists within a lot of companies both small and large. A procedural policy which clearly states Annual Leave policy was required here, and terms of communication of that policy and proof of execution. We posted a blog recently on digital HR expectations…here is the link

Digital HR expectations

another note from the case;

“Exclusively verbal communication of important determinations relating to employment matters should be strenuously avoided”. Commissioner.

With Procedure Rock, the company could have presented the policy they have for annual leave, showed all the communication that occurred between both parties, presented the criteria that was agreed upon but not met by the employee, proved acceptance of the policy, provided email notification of rejection of annual leave, and finally, showed a level of function in policy management.

The decision costed the company significantly. Return on Investment (ROI) with Procedure Rock in these matters can benefit businesses in many areas.

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