Use Cases

ProcedureRock does not only assist you in traditional Policy and Procedural Management area, but also focuses on other operational aspects of your business such as: system deployment, customer onboarding, bug tracking, user/product testing, diagnostic, troubleshooting, routine maintenance checks and more.

Documenting Checklist, Manuals, Guidelines and more

To clearly explain how things work, we can create steps for help, suggested guidelines and tutorials. It’s great for technical writer. Using our intelligent steps, it is easy to create user manuals with step-by-step instructions. It also help users to avoid problems such as missing/incomplete steps or getting lost in an endless page of steps.


Improves the quality and records every step to be performed. Ensure the operation is consistent, precisely performed and its quality is maintained.

Diagnostic, Trouble-shooting

Performs a step by step diagnostic procedure for troubleshooting. Defines the parameters and captures the input from the environment as it occurs. You can then easily communicate with other team members and management to facilitate the process by posting comments and questions at any step level.

For Routine Maintenance Checks

One of the most common uses of ProcedureRock is for routine maintenance checks. ProcedureRock is particularly useful as it records the maintenance checks electronically (no more paper-based checklists) and also important, makes the person who is responsible for the maintenance accountable.

Customer On boarding Processes and Management

For engaging new clients by taking them through every step of the entire onboarding process. Ensures the process remains consistent across the network of clients with similar requirements. It’s very handy for business analysts.

User Testing

Creates steps for the tester to perform. It ensures that what they are testing remains within the scope.