How it works?

All you need to manage your procedures easily and effectively.

Manager Dashboard


Easily access docs and keep track of activities in real-time.

Simple Procedure Organizer

Simple Folder Organizer

Easily organizes and customize folders for Admin, IT, Customer Services and more.

Instant Notification

Instant Notification

Stay informed with instant notification when docs are created or updated.

Access Control and Permission

Access Control and Permission

Easily and securely controls the user's access.

Trigger Actions

Step-by-Step Instructions

Make it very easy for your staff to follow.

Rich Content Support

Rich Content Support

Enriches your content with HTML, Screenshots, Photos and Files.



Automatically archives older versions for easy comparison and quick reference ability.

Mobile/Tablet Step View

Mobile/Tablet Step View

Browses and Executes Steps in a single page optimized for mobiles & tablets.

Secure access remotely

Secure access 24/7

You can access your procedures securely and remotely from anywhere at anytime.

Procedure Template Procedure Templates

- Access to procedure templates to get started.

Team collaboration Team Collaboration

- Communicate and Collaborate with your team to refine and improve your procedures.

Powerful Search Powerful Search

- Quickily find the docs you needed at your fingertips.

Public view Public View

- Easily share your docs for public viewing

Bulk Import Bulk Import your documents

- Import your docs from Word in bulk to save time.

Export to word Export to Word, PDF or HTML

- Easily export your procedure to Word (.doc), PDF or view it as HTML.

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