Newsletter, Product Updates - June 2013


Website Widget

Introducing website widget, a new and insanely easy way to create and maintain your help content for your website users. See details here.

Redesigned navigation bar

We have redesigned the interface to make it simpler to use and have hidden some of the advanced features. The major difference being the redesigned Dashboard and Top navigation.


Now you can easily organize your documents into folders, just like the way you do it with Windows or when using Google Doc. You can create as many folders or subfolders as you wish.


We no longer just support procedures. You can literally create any documents such as instructions, guides, procedures, policies or just ad-hoc To-Do lists.

Activity Stream in Dashboard

Keep you informed of what’s happening in your team. It shows all recent activities from your teammates.


Recently we have conduct a survey with over 100 businesses. We want to share the result and we think it’s important for other businesses owners to know. In the coming weeks, we will share the result and discuss why procedures are important for your business growth. If you don’t want to grow your business, you can ignore it. If you are reading this, the chance are you want to move forward and grow your business.


ProcedureRock Team

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