May 2013

Newsletter – May 2013

What ProcedureRock really is?

ProcedureRock is a smart, cloud-based Operations and Procedures Management Software that systemizes your business operations. It makes it easy for you to document and manage your procedures, processes, manuals, guidelines and much much more.

Feature Update

Export Procedure to Words, PDF or HTML

You can now easily export your procedures to Words (.doc), PDF and HTML. Simply select an Export option from ‘action’.

Set document as Public

Sometimes you may want to share your document easily with external parties without adding them to your company account. Now, you can easily set your document to “Public” which will be viewable by anyone who has the link. Each public document will be assigned a unique web address. Anyone who has the web address will be able to “Read-only” the document. They won’t be able to make any modifications or comments. To set it, simply select the “Set Public” option from ‘action’.

Invite Users

ProcedureRock is a great tool for all the team and not just the individual manager. If you already know your team’s email addresses, now you can easily invite them. Instead of creating the user account individually, simply send them an invitation and they can do the rest.
To send invitations, simply click the “Invite Users” button located on your Dashboard and continue the process.

User Guides are now available

To get you started, we have created some simple User Guides to engage your interest. In fact, we use our very own ProcedureRock to create the User Guides
Simply click “User Guides” at the top of the page and browse through them.


ProcedureRock Team

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