Product Updates and News

June 2013

Introducing Website Widget for your website

Website Widget makes it easy for you to directly create, update and read content such as user guides, help and instructions on your website. Click here to read more.

Major UI updates is coming soon

To make it even easier for business owners to create, manage and publish their procedures, we have been working hard to simplify our system and in the process, hide some of the advanced features. The new update is expected to be released sometime over the next few days. In the coming weeks, we will be initiating some significant UI updates that are sure to spark your interest.

May 2013

Major Updates

Introducing “Procedure Operations” (aka Procedure Execution)

A Procedure can become an operation when it is being used (executed). For instance, you may have a procedure for customer-onboarding or quotations. You don’t need a separate excel sheet or program to keep track of your data. Every time you execute a procedure, an operation is created. You can instantly keep track of each operation easily when you execute your procedure. For instance, you can directly record a customer’s quotation details as you execute the quotation procedure.

Procedure Layout

Prior to the change, we called it Procedure Template. We have since decided to rename it to “Procedure Layout”. You can easily pre-define the layout, format and any other essential fields for your procedure which meet your company’s guidelines and policy.

New Features


When you create your procedures, you’ll now note the new and very handy feature of Auto-Saving. You can manually click the “Save” button anytime to save your content or let our system auto-save your progress.

Drag-and-drop to change step orders

Another handy feature is the drag-and-drop function to change your steps sequence. Simply Drag-and-Drop your procedure steps to change their order.

Embed Video

Videos are great for illustration. You can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo directly to your procedure.

How to embed a Screenshot You no longer need to upload your screenshot image files to other locations and subsequently link to them. You can first upload your screenshot to our server while you create your procedures or add your steps. Once you have uploaded (attached) it, you can click Copy the URL of the file link and embed your image into your description.

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