Wages and conditions example policy.


Provides a guide to creating the Wages and Conditions section of our company’s Employee Induction Manual ensuring compliance with the Fair Work Act and the National Employment Standards.


  1. Do we have written job titles, job descriptions, and wage ranges for each position in our company? Further, have we established that each employee is covered by the relevant Modern Award?
  2. Do we follow standardized norms for administering wages and conditions for our employees?
  3. Do we have regular job and employee assessments and wage increase reviews? This shall only apply where an Enterprise Agreement is the governing Industrial Instrument.



  • Our HR department maintains records for all jobs in our company, including written job descriptions and wage ranges pursuant to the Industrial Instrument concerned.
  • We follow approved schedules by job type for setting pay ranges to our employees consistent with the Modern Award or an existing Enterprise Agreement.
  • Each employee is subject to an annual performance review and appropriate wage increases where such is prescribed by an Enterprise Agreement. Annual performance reviews are a necessary exercise in any regard given the Enterprises need to measure its productivity and Quality outcomes.

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