“The long history of mankind demonstrates that those who learned to collaborate most effectively have prevailed “. Charles Darwin

Teamwork is the essence of collaboration. However, even in our enlightened age teamwork is often plagued by other issues such as Hierarchal Status in the team structure, fear of making mistakes, not to mention the “Not my Job” syndrome and other matters that limit productivity.
Procedure Rock is the solution to many issues affecting the workforce in general. All policies and procedures associated with the enterprise are combined in an integrated and easily managed system with monitoring, viewing and access at a premium level. This increases the workforce engagement and commitment to the process as well as active participation in implementation.
Risk factors are established and minimised through clear print and distribution of policies, thereby removing the fear of liability publicly and privately.
For instance, if a Construction or Manufacturing Company decided to merge its Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures with the Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Policies, an integrated procedure would be developed in Procedure Rock which would then engage all relevant parties to view, accept, and acknowledge a change in environment which governs their activities.
Finally, collaboration is not an equality program in the workplace. Laws exist in this regard pursuant to positions held.
There is a Captain of the team concerned and the authority is vested accordingly. In using a sports reference, we know that every team member understands the benefit and accepts it.
Procedure Rock cements the team structure. The Acknowledgement function of the system gives all employees the sense of ownership of the processes and removes the fear of failure. The roll on effect of this in business cannot be under-estimated.

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