Employees Complaints Procedure.

In every workplace from time to time there are occasions where an employee may consider the actions of another employee in the workplace to be unfair or unreasonable.
In such instances the employee should attempt in the first instance to discuss their concerns directly with the person/s concerned in order to achieve a resolution to the matter.
There are many occasions where people make insensitive comments without realising the offence caused to others. Raising the matter directly with the offending party often leads to an apology and a realisation accordingly that all employees have a responsibility to each other in terms of mutual well-being in the workplace.
In cases where this direct approach is unsuccessful the affected employee/s should seek the assistance of their immediate supervisor to initiate a process whereby the matter can be handled efficiently, effectively and having regard to procedural fairness for all parties. In this case the matter becomes a formal management issue and if the supervisor cannot bring about a resolution he/she should refer the matter to the HR Manager who may in some cases seek external advice should the matter remain unresolved.

Management Decisions/Actions and complaints by employees.
Where the employees are contracted pursuant to a Modern Award inclusive of the NES, in each document there is a Dispute Resolution procedure. In the event an employee or a group of employees had a workplace grievance about the award or the NES, following decisions or actions of management the issue should in the first instance be raised with the immediate supervisor or team leader.
In the event the matter is not resolved at this level, the HR manager will conduct the ongoing discussions to resolve the matter.
Under the Award the option of seeking the assistance of the Fair Work Commission is clear and employer and employees have the right to be represented accordingly.

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